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Thoughts From The Couch

Thoughts From The Couch

Welcome to my first ever column. I’m calling it ‘Thoughts From The Couch’ because that’s where I watch the majority of my sports, and various sports is what I want to cover. Hope you enjoy the read. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Here goes…….

Whilst the pathetic performance of my beloved Liverpool FC is in the forefront of my mind this week, my blood is boiling too much to even consider covering that. They let me down so often that I’m sure there’ll be ample opportunity to write about them in the future. 

Instead I’m going to focus on WWE. I am a big fan & have been all my life. I’m aware of the stigma in some people’s minds of it not being a “real” sport but it’s my column and I’ll write about what I consider a sport to be. 

Raw on 27/2/17 was an absolute borefest. Peaking with Owens/Goldberg at the top of the show and barely managing to tread water after that. Even the New Day , who are usually brilliant entertainers, had a poor segment and a lacklustre match. It’s been said before but I’ll say it again; the writing on WWE Raw is atrocious. Occasionally they get some bat on ball, but generally it’s mediocre.

 Smackdown on the other hand absolutely tore it up with their opening promo. The Miz has become one of the best on the mic & his interaction with John Cena had me hooked start to finish. I have genuinely never been more interested in what will essentially be a mixed tag team match at Wrestlemania 33. Add to that their superior women’s division & the emergence of people like Luke Harper, the evolution of Randy Orton, the charismatic Bray Wyatt as champion & the star power & sheer brilliance of people like AJ Styles. If it’s supposed to be a competition between the two brands then it’s like top side coming up against a cellar dweller (unless that top side happens to be LFC). In short ,at this point in time, Smackdown is the far superior show.
Anyways that’s all for now. Keeping it short and sweet due to work commitments. Hope you enjoyed the read and any constructive criticism is more than welcomed. Until next time. If you’re looking for me, check the couch.   


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