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Why #kloppout Is A Cop Out

I wasn’t going to touch on the subject of Liverpool FC this week, but something caught my eye that I thought I should absolutely give my 2 cents about.
Whilst sifting thru the wreckage of the latest disaster against Leicester, I stumbled across a growing community of Liverpool fans who are trying to get #kloppout trending. Hell I even came across a guy who was trying to arrange a Klopp Out march to take place before the Arsenal game. Thankfully many of the replies to this one guys particular idiotic tweet were swift and sharp in their condemnation. The #kloppout crowd clearly have no grasp on what building a successful football team needs and takes. Now I’m no professional coach but it’s obvious to me it clearly takes a world class professional who has been to the top and knows how to get there & the other major factor required is a word that’s often forgotten these days in football : stability.
Now if you have a glance over the successful sides that’ve had their way with English football in the past, you’ll find that stability is a crucial component in all their successes. The obvious one is United with Fergie. A quick look at his early career & it’s not great reading. I’m sure if social media had been around then, a minority of their fans would’ve tried to get #alexout trending. And if they’d achieved that goal, where would they be now? They certainly wouldn’t have the most prolific scorer of a generation & the worlds most expensive midfielder lining up for them for starters. There’d be no world record sponsorship deal that’s given them money to burn either. The other example that springs to mind is Arsenal. Now I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. You show me one Liverpool fan that wouldn’t take the success Arsenal has had over the last 20 years & I’ll show you a liar. European decencies aside, they’ve been on top of the pile in every competition England has to offer at one stage or another. Despite the #wengerout shouts getting louder & more prominent amongst the gunners faithful it’s a dynasty to be envied and he has left a legacy with the club the likes of which we haven’t seen since Kenny Dalglish abdicated his throne in the early 90s & the board should be applauded for not bowing to popular opinion during their leaner years.
Besides the oil rich in England & the giants of Spain, the only clubs that hire and fire to achieve results are the least successful ones.
The point I’m trying to make is stability -when you have the right person in the dugout- brings results. The board knows this, thankfully. That’s why they gave him a 6 year deal. Liverpool were a mess and now they’re a work in progress. Of course there’ll be hiccups along the way. That’s what’ll make it that much sweeter when the journey ends and we reach our destination.
So all you #kloppout-ers out there with your stats & cold hard facts as to why he needs to be replaced, ask yourselves “how long am I willing to wait for success”? Because if you really want Jurgen Klopp out of the club, I guarantee you this, you’ll be waiting a lot longer than if you let him stick around and do his job.


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