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Thoughts From The Couch 9/3/17

Hey guys, back at it again. Once more leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter (@StuartKavanagh) with some feedback. As always constructive criticism is welcomed!
Brilliant Barca. Football fans will know what I’m talking about. The only game worth talking about this week for footy fans unless you’re a Gunners supporter, but that’s an entirely different kettle of fish. Some people claim they knew it beforehand, but for me ,when that Neymar free kick went in to make it 4-1 there was a sense that it was in this Barca sides destiny to win the tie. For what it’s worth, I think they’ll go on and win the whole thing now. These are the types of wins that catapult you to success (or in this case even more success)
Just going to touch on some Australian Rules footy now. Of the women’s variety as a matter of fact. The Crows v Lions game last Saturday night, whilst low scoring, was the most entertaining match of the inaugural season so far. A grand final preview in my opinion. And with the crowds still flocking to the games, ticket prices allegedly staying at $0 for next season, I think the AFL is on to a massive winner.
On to the WWE. It Wrestlemania season. Which means sign pointing, undeserving celebrity HOF inductions & the Undertaker. Although I really want to touch on why I think the Undertaker should NOT be there, I leave that for another time. 
It’d be remiss of me not to commend the WWE of the great job they’ve done so far with their HOF inductees. Kurt Angle, DDP, Rock & Roll Express & Rick Rude are all legends and are fully deserving of their spots this year. Even though I wouldn’t have selected Beth Phoenix I can see the reasoning as to why she was. There are no head scratchers in there so big ups to WWE for getting it right this year (so far)
Lastly on the 1 in a billion trillion chance any of CM Punk or WWE hierarchies are reading this. Swallow your pride, get past the egos & make a return happen. Everyone involved is missing out on mega money, and ultimately isn’t that what work it’s all about??
That’s it from me. Hit me up on twitter (@StuartKavanagh) , I’m always down for a chat & if you can’t find me there sport must be on, so check the couch….


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