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Thoughts From The Couch 20/3/17

Wow. What a game this morning in the EPL. It feels like the first time in a long time that a game has lived up to the hype in the biggest league in world football. I realise that’s a huge call from a game that ended 1-1, but anyone who watched it knows what I’m talking about. It had it all. The pantomime villain, stinging tackles, yellow cards, chance upon chance at the goalmouth, some terrible misses (Lallana I’m looking at you)& a couple of the best managers in the world going head to head. Quite simply it is the best 1-1 draw I’ve seen.

Footy season is just around the corner & just for laughs I’m going to make a few (unbiased) predictions. We’ll revisit these at the seasons end and see how close (more likely how far) I am to reality. Here goes:

1. GWS







8. BULLDOGS.    
I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Doggies suffer from a massive premiership hangover and miss out completely. GWS should run away with the flag & could even break the games won record in a season this year. I’d just about put my house on it. I’m picking Callan Ward for the Brownlow & Jeremy Cameron for the Coleman. A GWS clean sweep. I wouldn’t be surprised if it continued for a couple of years, if you sit down and have a look at their list, they have a squad capable of making two top 8 sides. 
Anyways that’s it from me this week. As always feel free to hit me up on twitter (@StuartKavanagh) or leave me a comment telling me how great I am or how badly I got it wrong. If you’re looking for me & there’s sports on, check The Couch!! 


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