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The Sturridge Conundrum 

Daniel Sturridge 119 apps. 60 goals. One of the most prolific players to pull on the famous red shirt, with the stats to back it up it would seem. That’s until you realise those stats are over a near 5 year period.
He has gone from young gun with unfulfilled potential to lethal goal scorer to a regular at the medical rooms. All in the space of 5 short years at Liverpool, becoming one of the most polarising players in the squad. In many fans eyes a player who won’t push himself to the fitness level required for a rigorous European season & in others a prolific scorer who has been painfully unlucky with injury. As with most things, the truth is somewhere in between. 
His return to the squad against West Ham this past Sunday no doubt boosted fans hopes of taking the points, & whilst he played his role, he wasn’t the difference maker in the result that maybe he would’ve been in the past. That accolade landed to a player that was signed in the same window, but who’s career has had a much different trajectory. 
The biggest decision facing Sturridge in his career comes this off season. Not only the biggest for him, but perhaps Jurgen Klopp also. Does he stay at Liverpool for one last crack to try and prove he’s got what it takes to play 30-40 games? Purely from a fan standpoint I’d love to see him stay. If, and it’s a big if, he can get his fitness issues behind him. Or does he ride into the sunset with one of the many suitors who are bound to arrive should his services become available, never fully realising his potential at what is bound to be his last chance at one of the big clubs in world football? Is the decision out of his hands now?
As a lifelong fan of the club & a big fan of the player. I hope the next step is the right one for both parties, whether he stays or goes. If he must go then as long as it’s not a direct rival of ours, preferably not even in the same league, I’d love to see him return to the player we all know he can be. If he stays, his fitness issues need to be put to bed once and for all. 
A partnership with Firmino beckons if he stays and that’s one an eye watering prospect in this guys opinion. Imagine a fully fit Sturridge terrorising defences with the Brazilian. I think thats worth giving him one more chance for the mighty reds. 
What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments or on twitter @StuartKavanagh . Thanks for reading, until next time….. #RedOrDead